... knowledgable and creative and with an outstanding NETWORK

THOMAS SØRENSEN, Inspiration Honolulu 

.. she has a formidable ENERGY and never stopped before the job was competed

JENS ERIK BÆK, Photographer

... deeply PROFESSIONAL - with nothing left to consider, the planning is spot on

Carl Popes, Scanhome Alaska

...  The customers are thrilled, and the increase in our business shows it.

Buhl dekoration & styling /  Vandsværksvej 5, 2750 Ballerup / +45 21 94 16 94  /  CVR 19992276 /  /  IMDB

Nils Malmros

SORG OG GLÆDE - Nordisk film


Susanne Buhl has been engaged as a propmaster / standby props on my last film “Sorrow and Joy”

Here she demonstrated, that she is incredibly fast-paced and with independent and often inexpensive problem solving. At the same time, she is tireless in the hunt for the special prop. She is knowledgeable and creative and with a good network. Finally, she is always pleasant, in a good mood and part of a good team.


I can totally, without reservation, highly recommend Susanne Buhl as a set decorator / standby props. Furthermore, she is not one to brag of her achievement, and this testifies to her seriousness. 

Søren Frellesen


I have had the pleasure of working closely with Susanne Buhl for the past eight months on TV2´s family Christmas calendar, Ludvig & Santa Claus. Susanne has solved the tremendously comprehensive task of being the set decorator / standby props, of more than 8 hours of fiction, beyond all expectation.


Every morning you were greeted with a cheerful mood, and a certainty, that you did not have to worry about the set decoration. It is also difficult not to praise her very professional and completely constructive attitude during a major production, with new challenges constantly. I can highly recommend her to any filmcrew.

Brødrene Andersen



It is always a great pleasure to work with Buhl Dekoration & Styling. We experience great commitment to the projects and see nothing but advantages in choosing Buhl Dekoration & Styling in our projects as early as possible in the proces.


The co- operation is good and creative and Buhl Dekoration & Styling is very competent in expressing and visualising the projects. Most recently Buhl Dekoration & Styling has assisted us in creating a furniture catalogue for our German market.




Miss Buhl has a unique understanding of the latest trends and is extremely effective when we initiate a co-operation on an urgent job.


Furthermore, Miss Buhl shows great spirit and empathy, which is very important as the main part of our jobs are carried out in remote markets. Asia, the Caribbeans or South America & - She takes the extreme changes is culture in her stride - as culinary specialities are added to her account for creativity and breakthrough thinking. An important detail is remembering everything and Susanne does exactly that.




Conlink Furniture is a successful trade company which works closely together with the major furniture chain stores in Northern Europe.


The most important marketing tool for our company is participating in exhibitions and through the years we have benefited from the co-operation with Buhl Dekoration & Styling in preparing and arranging our exhibitions both in Denmark and Internationally.


We have had great pleasure in the creative inputs and the close co-operation with Susanne Buhl and we are delighted that as a result of this effort we now appear as an attractive and

innovative exhibitor on the various furniture exhibitions. 



Susanne has a rare talent of catching our working method and join it. This has allowed us to keep momentum and a rational approach in our work execution while we create even better results for the customers with Susanne.


The fact that it happens with a sense of humour, craziness and thoughtfulness makes it even more entertaining to solve the jobs. So in every aspect, working with Susanne Buhl is to our benefit - and the customers are crazy about her work.



We have chosen to work with Buhl Dekoration & Styling due to their great enthusiasm on the assigned jobs. Creative ideas which makes a visible difference and lift our products.




Susanne Buhl decorated two large window-displays in September 2002 in a couple of centrally located Copenhagen bookstores with one of the publisher Elkjaer and Hansen's new ublications: "Rejsen til Nu'et" by Carsten Graff and Henrik Meng.


Based on just one phone conversation and one book sent to her, Susanne managed to create two windows, which by their simplicity and very stringent sense of colours enlightened both the street and the somewhat messy shops. In other words Susanne had quickly adapted to the haracter of the job. With light wooden displays, light wooden men and bright red cotton threads tied from the posters down to the delicate lavender blue books with golden letters and a single bright red &-sign, she created an original, beautiful and simple window which called for the respect among all of us.


Susanne is a wonderful person to work with. We co-operate and inspire one another. I listen to her - she listens to me and after a while we agree. The result is always great photoes. Susanne is highly professional.


She leaves nothing to chance and due to that the planning is always perfect. Her professional level is never questioned. Style and trends are simply in control.



Susanne is a lovely and positive person to work with and she is always eager to take on new challenges. Susanne has decorated many HTH exhibitions and shops in Norway, Sweden and Denmark to our full satisfaction.


She is creative and always good at keeping the cost low. Besides, Susanne is always with us when HTH does new pictures for our main catalogue and we also use her for special assignments such as the HTH Christmas card. When you call Susanne she is ready for new challenges - regardless of the time of day.



I first met Susanne Buhl in 1997 during the Furniture Fair in Copenhagen. After a brief interview we hired her to decorate and help set up our new INspiration Furniture Store in Hawaii August the same year. Susanne did a fantastic job. First buying and coordinating the accessories from Denmark.


After that she left for Hawaii and worked in the Store for three long tireless weeks setting up the new INspiration Store. She has an enormous energy and never stopped before the job was completed. The outcome was great, a "touch of Susanne" as I call it. In July/August of 2002 we opened another INspiration Furniture Store in Vancouver, Canada. Again we hired Susanne to repeat what she did in Hawaii. This Store was twice the size of Hawaii, But she had no problem completing the task on time and the Grand Opening was a great success.


I can highly recommend Susanne; her energy and design capabilities are fun and very in-lighting. For our next Store opening we will certainly call her again.



Susanne is the undisputed indoor champion of display & design . Through the years we have enjoyed Susanne ́s creativity on numerous jobs - from decorating the Circusbygningen, arranging sales displays and doing the floor planning of restaurants.


Try the Monarch motorway restaurant in Karlslunde on your way out of Copenhagen - and see for yourself: The builders could not believe it when Susanne asked them to mount cars on the walls - and the guests...they love it! Top quality, reliable, useful, creative and value for money are good synonymes for our co- operation with miss Buhl.



I can surely recommend the company Buhl Dekoration & Styling and with it Susanne Buhl as a professional and serious team that always keep the agreements we make and most importantly, with a great amount of creativity.


One thing I value very much is that agreements are followed up and responses are given quickly and clearly. All these business ideals are managed brilliantly so I am happy to recommend Buhl Dekoration & Styling.



In terms of a reference, I would say...

"Suzanne is extremely gifted in furniture display. She has visited our store in Alaska three times now. Each time she arrives with a whirlwind of energy and fresh ideas. She has a way of motivating all of our employees to assist her in her 'rejuvenation' of our store. When she is finished, without exception, everyone is amazed at how beautiful our store looks.


Customers rave about it. And the growth of our business shows it. I would encourage all furniture store owners and managers to give favorable consideration to the services of Buhl Dekoration & Syling."



Susanne is good at her job, no doubt about that - and she knows it - she is therefore prepared to fight to have things done her way. She is not afraid to engage in something new. I highly recommend Susanne but be prepared to be confronted with her opinion about how to do the job!


Buhl dekoration & styling /  Vandsværksvej 5, 2750 Ballerup / +45 21 94 16 94  /  CVR 19992276 /  /  IMDB